NOTE: Servers need to have the same revision number as client (e.g. v4.5), but can be on a different sub-revision (e.g. Client can be v4.5a and Server on v4.5d).

xRC Simulator v4.8b (VR Supported) 

Windows (zipped exe) 50MB
Mac OSX (zip) 73MB
Linux x64 (zip) 79MB


  • Added 2 new robots to FRC Infinite Recharged
  • Minor tweaks to VEX robots
  • New features including:
    • start/stop button mappings
    • details overlay (via @ button) in multi-player
    • VEX Motor added and Tank control (Robot options)
    • Camera smoothing/averaging for multi-player (others menu)
  • Multiple bug fixes

Version b:

  • Fixed FRC NEUTORNs bot aiming flap lagging in multi-player
  • Improved interpolation – Both server + client need to be updated to take full advantage of this


xRC Simulator v4.7d (VR Supported) 

Windows (zipped exe) 48MB
Mac OSX (zip) 70MB
Linux x64 (zip) 76MB


  • Added VEX “Change Up” game
  • Several small game tweaks for FRC game + robot 

Version b:

  • Turned “Infinite Recharged” zones back on

Version c:

  • Updated multi-player meta-server location to new website. You need this update to find or register servers

Version d:

  • Added “admin” menu (for admin user)
  • Tweaked VEX Void robot and FRC robot
  • VEX game option added to show lines only to spectators