NOTE: Pre-release versions not eligible for high-score considerations.

xRC Simulator v9.0a_pre2

Windows x64 (zipped exe) 112MB
Mac OSX (zip) 169MB
Linux x64 (zip) 219MB
Linux Server x64 (zip)
(for servers without graphics cards)

*Setting up Amazon Web Services server

This marks a major upgrade under the hood: new version of Unity and physics engine. Previous games/robots may experience slight change in behavior. Please report any required fixes/tunings: this may take some time to clean out all minor bugs. The new software version promises faster frame-rate and physics handling.

  • Power Play added –
    • Simple vertical-slides bot for testing/playing included
    • At this time rule enforcement not implemented (will be shortly).
    • There will be some balancing required for making the cones robust and not bog-down the physics engine. Please report any issues (with pictures please) on the Discord channel.
  • Spin-Up options-menu fixed to allow disabling of push-back wall
  • Ability to lower player count for tournament mode added
  • Linux Server – added console commands

v9.0a_pre2 – A boat lot of bug fixes, networking fixed up, tuning, etc…