NOTE: Pre-release versions not eligible for high-score considerations.

xRC Simulator v6.3a_pre

Windows x64 (zipped exe) 66MB
Mac OSX (zip) 95MB  TBD
Linux x64 (zip) 100MB TBD
Linux Server x64 (zip)
(for servers without graphics cards)
  • ALL:
    • Keyboard and Joystick profiles can be created and auto-loaded
    • Robot reset can be mapped to joystick + keyboard
    • Command line now accepts game option string to initialize game options (see Readme file)
    • Admin + Spectator = Referee. Referee can select robot and create referee actions
  • Freight-Frenzy turret robot called “Cody” added
  • Freight-Frenzy:
    • Warehouse rules enforced: freight not removed by a robot that fully exits the warehouse will be reset back into the warehouse
    • Robot position reset incurs penalty