v4.8 Released

Version 4.8 Released

This new version brings two big changes:

  1. Roboteers robot added to the FRC lineup. This is a far-shooter optimized for shooting from behind the control panel.
  2. NEUTRONs robot added to the FRC lineup. Turret auto-aimer will allow you to protect your team-mates while scoring.

Several new features added that help VEX's Change Up:

  1. Single-player counts down in 100ms steps and when stopped for the first time, generates clean code
  2. Start/Stop buttons can be mapped to joystick for ms precision
  3. VEX robots given minor tweaks as requested
  4. VEX motor specs added to Robot customization if you want to see what a real VEX robot would behave like
  5. Tank controls added (now why would you ever want to use them is another question altogether...)

Several other minor features added, one being "Camera Smoothing". This can help with camera jitter on multi-player mode that can be jarring. By default it's set to 3-frame filtering and can be changed in "other" menu.